Company Profile

Using its extensive sales and marketing expertise, AV Traders specialise in the trading and supplying of an extensive variety of consumer goods to its global client base.

AV Traders understands the pricing challenges, product quality and logistical demands faced by its clients on a daily basis and will work with you to successfully meet these challenges by sourcing a wide range of products cost effectively and within given timescales.

AV Traders handles everything from sales and marketing to logistic arrangements. If you are a distributor or a retailer requiring regular volume shipments of popular branded goods or a specialist manufacturer seeking a partner to promote your products into new markets – talk to the experts at AV Traders today.


Using our vast experience in international trading, AV Traders have in-depth knowledge of the markets and remain constantly updated with the latest business news. Our wide ranging consumer base ensures we are able to offer competitive pricing on high-end brands without compromising the standard of our quality.


We understand the importance of maintaining strong international trade links so using reputable logistics business partners, we can source your products to anywhere in the world. Thus, AV Traders and its customers and suppliers are both able to achieve higher operating margins and increased profitability.

The buying power and extensive market knowledge of AV Trader gives us the competitive edge so that manufacturers and distributors can move goods through faster while reducing warehousing time and costs.